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Select + Add Emu Oil

We humbly admit that our cleansing, exfoliating moisturizers for the body are pretty darn amazing, but to be honest, our facial products might be the stars of the line. A one product "regimen" that gives you the skin that dreams are made of - glowing, smooth and as soft as silk - is a revolution for sure!

For the first time, we're offering all the facials in full-size in one very impressive package. This is a whole year's worth of skin that will make everyone jealous for the price of what one jar of moisturizer costs in some lines.

Each of our facials has a benefit for a specific facial concern and as most of us know, that "concern" can sometimes change from day-to-day. One day we're battling dryness, and then two days later it's a breakout Well, this package gives you access to the full arsenal of Simple Sugars Facial amazingness!

This package includes 10 of our facial scrubs (Avocado, Blue Spirulina with Coconut, Blueberry, Coffee, Cucumber, Green Tea, Green Tea with Tea Tree, Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Vitamin C), our super convenient jar holder, and a flip-top lid to max out the smooth experience! Available both with and without emu oil, at a savings of $20 off. 

Why Simple Sugars?

Simple Sugars products cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize in one step, so you NEVER need lotion or moisturizer (we call this Going No-Lo*!) . All products are formulated for daily use, and are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

1. Wet Skin
2. Scrub
3. Rinse
4. Dry

What Is Emu Oil?

Emu oil adds an extra boost of moisturization to our products and is recommended for anyone with very dry skin, sensitive skin, or a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis.

Emu oil is incredibly moisturizing, but rapidly absorbs, leaving your skin super hydrated without any greasy feeling. Emu oil has a very similar chemical composition to the sebum (aka oil) naturally produced by our bodies so it is completely non-irritating. It has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and healing properties making it an excellent choice for anyone suffering from a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, and also has purported benefits for burns and scarring. It does not change the scent of the products, so your Simple Sugars product will smell just as amazing with the emu oil added as it does without it.

Emu oil is an animal product, and is derived from the back fat of the emu bird. The birds are not killed for their oil - emus are raised for their meat, and the oil is a byproduct. We use only the finest, highest quality, refined emu oil, and it is produced in the US. Simple Sugars products with emu oil are not vegan, but the products with emu oil added are the ONLY products in the Simple Sugars line that contain any animal ingredients.

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