Our Story

Simple Sugars was created by founder Lani Lazzari, who was struggling with eczema, and since then our products have helped thousands of customers struggling with sensitive skin conditions.


Simple Sugars is an all natural skincare line especially for sensitive skin. Simple sugars products are formulated for daily use to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin in one step so you never need any additional lotion or moisturizer. The Simple Sugars product line includes facial, body, and foot products, as well as a Men’s line, Smooth for Men. All products are completely all-natural and are made entirely by hand at our facility in Pittsburgh PA.

Simple Sugars began in 2005 when I was struggling to find a solution for my very sensitive skin and problems with eczema. After many frustrating visits to the dermatologist and no solution, I started researching and mixed up my own products in my mom’s kitchen. I used them on myself, and for the first time in my entire life, I was eczema free. I started making more products and giving them out to friends and family. I started finding that they were helping people with other skin conditions, like my aunt who had psoriasis, and a friend who had rosacea. I realized I had created a product that people need, and that I had a great opportunity to start a business.

I started seriously growing my business when I was in high school. I took my entire Junior year off to focus entirely on the business, and after I graduated, I decided to forgo my college acceptance to devote myself to growing Simple Sugars.

In 2013 I pitched Simple Sugars on Shark Tank, received an investment from Mark Cuban, and Simple Sugars exploded literally overnight after millions of people watched me present on the show.

But the best part came later when happy customers started trying the products and sending us their stories of how well Simple Sugars worked for their skin problems. We received thousands of testimonials from people with every type of skin condition imaginable: eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, severe dry skin, skin problems from chemotherapy, and more. Since then Simple Sugars products have helped thousands of customers with severe sensitive skin issues find solutions.