Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

Happy Feet Peppermint Foot

This cleansing exfoliating moisturizer should be part of everyone’s routine maintenance! Feet are probably the most taken for granted body part. They work hard for you, getting you where you need to go and squeezing into those ridiculous Manolo’s (or whatever – we all have at least one pair of torture shoes.) Yes, your feet definitely deserve some love. So give it to them already!

Happy feet is a more aggressive exfoliator than the body or facial formulations. It also contains high linoleic safflower oil, for heavy duty moisturizing and softening. And it’s scented with peppermint essential oil which is guaranteed to pep up your puppies no matter how beat up they are! We have a smooth sista that has self admitted “problems” with other people’s feet and she thinks regular use of Happy Feet isn’t a privilege but a civic duty! We have to agree. Do society a favor and buy one of these for the men in your life as well. After all, don’t all feet deserve some happiness?!

Try it with Emu Oil.


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