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Bring the spring indoors with Lilac.

March 28 2020

Valentine's Day is coming. Love yourself hard this year!

February 03 2020

Hot chocolate a' la Simple Sugars is the ultimate cold weather treat for your skin!

February 01 2020

Chocolate with no calories + roses that won't die + the amazing aroma of strawberry = The best valentine EVER!

January 20 2020

Sunday Night Spotlight: Sweet Relief

January 19 2020

Chocolate is back!

January 09 2020

Our Gingerbread Body smells so good, you might be tempted to eat your own arm.

November 27 2019

Last chance for Pumpkin!

November 20 2019

A new holiday best seller

November 18 2019

Sunday Night Product Spotlight. Holiday Edition: Pizzelle

November 17 2019