Bye-Bye Bacne!

Body acne (a.k.a.Bacne) is no more fun than acne on your face. Especially in the summer when we're wearing backless, sleeveless and lower-cut necklines.

Body acne is caused by the same bad actors as facial acne: dirt, oil and dead skin cells that get trapped in your pores. Sweating exacerbates this pore-clogging that results in zits. Luckily we have a simple solution for it!

All you have to do is and take a refreshing shower afterwards with our Smooth for Men Green Tea with Tea Tree Oil Body (of course, this product is for everybody, it just happens to be featured in out Smooth for Men line.) It gently exfoliates -which will unclog those pores - cleanses and eliminates the bacteria responsible for those breakouts. But more than that, it leaves you with incredibly soft, smooth skin!  

Don't let a little bacne limit you in any way! Go hard at the gym, play your heart out on the court or field and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can when it's crazy hot and humid out.

P.S. Other tips include wearing breathable (read cotton not spandex) clothing and making sure you wipe down that bench at the gym before using it.