Pineapple is back!

The summer of NO-LO is only just beginning

Pineapple might be the epitome of tropical. And who doesn't want to mentally transport themselves to the tropics on a regular basis, especially these days?

Well, we got your tropical transport right here people! This brand new summer scent is all you need to imagine yourself on the beach in Hawaii.

Of course, pineapple has a skin nutrition profile to be proud of (loaded with Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make you glow) so it's more than just an amazing sensory treat, and do we even have to say it? You'll get the most amazingly soft smooth skin on the planet without lotion! This is a limited edition summer only scent so get it while you can. 

Insider Tip: Pair this one with our Coconut and have the Pina Colada shower of your tropical dreams! Just don't send us your water bill because trust us, you will not want that shower to end.