Success Stories

"the only thing that has begun to work and clear my skin completely is Simple Sugars"

July 06 2015

"I usually turn into a full reptile in the winter..but I’ve not had to use any moisturizer since using your products"

July 06 2015

"As soon as I touched it, I knew it was going to work. And it did!"

July 06 2015

"I have always felt left out because I can't use any of those cute, pretty smelling bath products like my friends, but now i can."

June 23 2015

"You have made a big difference in the quality of life for my husband."

June 09 2015

"The itching stopped and the rash was gone in three days, no kidding!"

June 02 2015

"It's been a godsend. Thank you for this product."

May 28 2015

"I NEVER leave the house without makeup, but after using your product it crossed my mind!"

February 11 2015

"Loving my face! How awesome is that?!"

January 27 2015