"I must have it and use it"

My story about Psoriasis is the commercial for Psoriasis medication that says "See Me". My son told me about Simple Sugars a few years ago after he had seen it on Shark Tank. I was skeptic but I listened to him, researched it on the web and placed an order. Simple Sugars with Emu Oil helps keep the scaling down big time and I am a firm believer in Simple Sugars. I must have it and use it. It leaves my skin smooth and less flakiness. Most times there is no flaking at all. I am so happy my son referred me to Simple Sugars. This is a product that I truly believe in and I will let others that have Psoriasis know about the product. I will always continue to use this! If I skip using the Simple Sugar with Emu Oil I will know the difference and you can see the flakiness. I also have very sensitive skin and I have no allergic reaction when I use the Simple Sugar with Emu Oil, no matter what scent I get.