"It became more than just a luxury"

Two and half years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a long
and tough road, and now that I'm in remission, I wanted to write my thank
you notes to those who helped me through it.

Though you don't know it, you were one of those I need to thank. I already
loved your products, from the first peppermint scent gifted to me by a
friend one Christmas, but during chemo, it became more than just a luxury.
When I lost all my hair, I needed a way to care for my body, and
particularly my scalp. It felt silly to use shampoo with no hair there, so
I turned to my favorite facial, your Green Tea. I used it on my head
every shower for the whole 6 months until my hair grew back, and while it
seems silly or small, it helped me feel a little better about the whole