Double Cleansing? Heck No!

I got an email today that really make me shake my head. The subject line said "Gina, are you double cleansing?'"
My reaction was "Of course, I'm not! That is complete insanity!" 
Double cleansing is a K (Korean) skincare trend that involves just what it says - cleansing your skin twice. Once with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based foaming cleanser. The idea is that the oil based cleanser will remove the oil and makeup and then the foaming water based cleanser will clean the dirt. Apparently, this technique also became popular as part of the Korean 10-step skin care regime, which has migrated into Western culture in recent years.
Wait...what? A 10 step skincare routine? 🤯 People in Korea must have a lot of time on their hands and a lot of money to spend on products. 
Additionally, the underlying assumption that after a thorough flushing of your pores somehow the dirt remains and needs another cleanser to remove it, is inherently flawed. It doesn't even make sense. 
Where did this idea come from in the first place? Well it originated in 14th century Japan and Korea when geishas would double cleanse to remove the heavy white makeup from their faces. Ok, so that makes sense for a geisha - but it ends there folks.
Unless you're a geisha or wearing geisha-style makeup (and we're betting that you're not) double cleansing is completely unnecessary and makes no sense - particularly for anyone with sensitive skin.
I have dived deep into this particular subject to see if there's something I might be missing. There's not. It's 100% a marketing tactic to get you to buy more products. Pure hype. 
A gentle exfoliation combined with the right oils is the most thorough way to clean your face. Period. You don't need a second cleanse and you don't need a second product. Remember: when it comes to your sensitive skin (and, in fact, most things) less is more. Keep it simple and don't believe the hype.
Stay Smooth! 💕