"I am never without this product"

I have been a loyal customer since i first saw this on Shark Tank. I am over 50 years old and I have had a rash on my leg for over 4 years. Dermatologists prescribed different pills and creams. The last set of creams ended me up in the ER with blisters all over my leg, a potential blood-clot and possible staph infection. Talk about pain. Plus, i could never wear anything but jeans when i went out, even in the summer as the rash was so ugly looking. I saw this product and thought - what have i got to lose. I  purchased it online right away - when you were getting swamped with orders. 

I can now wear anything i want, dresses, shorts, capris - ANYTHING as the rash is gone. I only have a few scars from before when i ended up in the ER. I am never without this product. I like Coconut, Almond, Strawberry and Vanilla - but my true love and the one i stock up on is Gingerbread. I always get the Emu Oil added as it makes a difference. The facial scrub is awesome too - I have actually stopped wear face make up completely.

Thanks Simple Sugars for helping all of us who had nowhere else to turn. I just love the baby and kids testimonials because you have basically given them back their childhood. Thank you.

- M.J