"He has gone from being covered in hives, spots, and..bleeding to being his beautiful normal self again"

“My 5 year old son Grant suffers from extreme allergies. A month ago he broke out in a horrible rash after gardening at kindergarten. It covered him from head to toe. We started the typical regiment. Pediatrician, dermatologist, allergist and ENT doctor. He was on steroids, antibiotics, 5 different creams, was not allowed to leave the house and had to bathe with prescription soap 4 times a day. It was exhausting and after weeks of this and daily doctor visits, nothing helped and he was still sick. One day while washing my face with a Simple Sugars facial scrub I noticed a little cut I had the day before was completely gone. I called for Grant and quickly stood him in our shower and began rubbing him down with the Tangerine body scrub with emu oil. My husband told me not to do it because his skin was too sensitive and it could make it worse but I figured how much worse could this reaction get. I told him it was magic sugar scrub and let’s see if we don’t take the other medicine and use this for one day if it would work. I washed Grant down three times that day with the scrub. The next day when he woke up he came running into my bedroom screaming to us that the magic sugar had worked and he was all better. He was 100% better. He has gone from being covered in hives, spots, and being so irritated he was bleeding to being his beautiful normal self again. He still gets his allergic reactions but I no longer have to cover him in heavy drugs, get him to take pills and cancel our schedule for a month because, like Grant says, we will just use the magic sugar. I can’t thank you enough. I’m sure most of your letters are from people who tell you how great your products are but I just want to let you know that you changed and possibly saved a 5 year old’s life. Thank you for your products and for helping our family!”