Valentine's Day is coming. Love yourself hard this year!

And just like that, it's February! The thing about February is, it can be a little bleak.

So how awesome is it that smack dab in the middle of this short, cold, winter month there's a "holiday" that reminds us that our partners aren't as romantic as they're "supposed" to be?

And, if we're single...gasp! It's like being single in February is against the law or something (insert eye roll here).

Well here at Simple Sugars, we're all about positivity and taking responsibility for your own happiness, so whether you're in a great relationship with someone else or you're your own S.O., we think Valentine's Day needs a new definition.

Please indulge us as we put a little bit of a different spin on Valentine's Day and think of it as "Show Yourself Some Love Day!" And what better way to self-love than by taking care of your skin in the best way possible? Loving your skin is a big part of loving you and you are definitely going to love your skin after using our products. It's that...wait for it...simple! :)

Awesome ways to say "I love you!" to yourself!

 Rose Body

Chocolate Facial

Valentine's Sampler