The Complete Simple Sugars Acne Guide

The complete guide to our acne solutions.

Maybe you have significant acne regularly and really oily skin or maybe you just have an occasional breakout and your skin is usually dry. We know that choosing the right product for your skin can be daunting. Well we're about to fix that and make picking the right product for your acne...wait for it...SIMPLE!

Choose Green Tea with Tea Tree if:

  • you have annoyingly regularly occurring acne 
  • your acne is cystic
  • your skin is oily to very  oily
  • you have used or considered using ProActiv or Accutane

Choose Smooth For Men Green Tea with Tea Tree if:

  • you breakout on your back or chest or anywhere on your body.
  • Note: This is the only choice for body acne. We don't make this one in the Simple Sugars packaging.

 Choose Strawberry Facial if:

  • you have occasional bouts of acne (maybe monthly).
  • your skin isn't super oily, but your t-zone gets oily by the end of the day.
  • you want a facial that smells like fresh strawberries

What if you have acne but your skin is dry? Then you want Green Tea Facial

And if you have acne AND eczema get Green Tea Facial with EMU oil

(Just click on the drop down and select "5oz with Emu Oil")