Spending time in your yard and garden? We've got you covered!


Yard and garden work can be rough on you! Let us smooth it out a bit. 😎

If you own a home or like to garden, Spring is prime time! There's so much to do with all the mowing and weeding and planting and clean-up and there's a lot of bending and pulling and pushing and lifting that goes with it.

The end result is super gratifying but the stiffness and soreness that comes with using muscles that might have been dormant all winter and the sunburn that comes with all the early-in-the-season sun exposure can be, quite literally, a pain!

No worries, as usual, we've got you! 

Go ahead and go crazy in your yard and garden, just be sure to have Sweet Relief and Soothe and Smooth Sun on hand! (And don't forget the sunscreen!)