"Show Yourself Some Love Day" is the new Valentine's Day!

The key to avoiding any kind of Valentine's Day depression due to
unmet expectations is to stop waiting for someone to plan the perfect "date" or buy you something awesome and romantic and chocolate and do it for yourself!
Yeah, that's right, it's time to rewrite that fairy tale!

It's 2019 and it's time we take responsibility for showing ourselves some love!  So this Feb.14th make some time to do something just for you that makes you feel like the deserving special person you are. 

Maybe take a half day off and take yourself to the movies or the museum, sleep in if you love to do that and won't get fired for it, go for a walk or a hike or whatever it is that makes you smile! And yes, buy yourself something that makes you feel good and isn't so expensive or overindulgent that you'll self-loathe the next day. (ahem..Simple Sugars? ;)

You are special and you deserve to be happy every day not just on a random day in February, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

It just so happens that Simple Sugars Skincare products are the perfect way to show yourself some love for the following reasons:

1) The price does NOT go up simply because it's Valentine's Day.
2) Although you will get smooth, you will not get fat by enjoying them
(but, we highly recommend forgetting about calories for a day and eat
what you want, including chocolate - because you are beautiful in the
skin you're in!).
3) Pampering yourself feels good and you deserve it!
4) Because NO-LO = happiness! 

So don't wait! Do it now because the 14th is coming quick...

Please note: for those traditionalists amongst you, these make great
Valentine's gifts for all of your loves. You really can't go wrong.