Product Spotlight: Avocado Body


Our brand new Avocado Body is for those of you with the very driest skin. The ones that think you could never GO NO-LO (no lotion or additional moisturizer). You're thinking, "Oh, sure, that works for other people but my skin is SO dry, I have to moisturize constantly." Well, we say to you, not any more!

It's time to try our  BRAND NEW Avocado Body (yes, add the emu oil!)

This is the richest, most emollient product in our Body line and it is definitely up to the NO-LO challenge. The gentle exfoliation removes that layer of dead skin cells that keep moisture from penetrating and allows the natural oils and healthy fats from the avocado to nourish and moisturize so thoroughly that you'll be NO-LO in no time.

So, we're calling out all of you super-dry,"could-never-GO-NOLO" people! Try Avocado Body every day for a month. It might just change your life.

P.S. If you're not quite sahara dry, the regular Avocado Body formulation packs a serious moisturization punch also.