Our Gingerbread Body smells so good, you might be tempted to eat your own arm.

Our Gingerbread Body is absolute NO-LO scrumptiousness! Seriously, you will want to dive right into the jar. That’s how incredible this all-natural cleansing exfoliating moisturizer smells. It contains real ginger and ginger essential oil and it is pure holiday yum.

Smooth out the holiday stresses and take a nice long, lukewarm shower that will soothe your senses and make your skin feel like satin. Gingerbread makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list, naughty or nice, that might appreciate a little NO-LO smoothness for the holidays (and who wouldn't?) Santa stocks up on this one in a big way, so get yours before it’s all gone!

Don't forget the guys on your list either! Gingerbread Man just happens to be the most popular Smooth For Men Body scent during the holidays.