Simple Solutions for Serious Skin Problems: Psoriasis


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Recently we kicked off a new campaign called "Simple Solutions for Serious Skin Problems" aimed at spreading the message that our products are so much more than an awesome smelling way to get soft smooth NO-LO* skin no matter how sensitive you are.

For the past 14 years Simple Sugars products have been providing our customers with all-natural simple solutions to their most challenging skin care problems.

Since our products have helped so many suffering from the agonizing symptoms of psoriasis we're telling these customers' stories to help spread the word to other people who think that their only hope for relief lies in expensive pharmaceutical products with side effects or think unscented creams filled with chemical ingredients.


 Smooth For Men Simple Solutions for Serious Skin Problems

Why do our products help psoriasis** and which one should you buy?

Psoriasis is a scaly skin condition. It's basically the result of a proliferation of skin cells that your body just can't shed quickly enough so they build-up in scaly layers that are red, painful and itchy. We get so many emails from people that tell us that the creams and lotions that their doctors prescribe don't do anything. It's no wonder because those plaques (as the scaly layers are called) are a significant barrier and putting cream or lotion on top is like putting on armor and then applying a cream and expecting it to penetrate. That's not going to happen. So, you need to remove that scaly layer BUT you need to do it in a very gentle way because this is already an inflammatory situation (in other words, the skin is already angry and you don't want to make it even more upset!).

Our products happen to be the gentlest way to exfoliate and that's what's called for in this situation. Once the scaly layers are gently removed, the super moisturizing and potentially healing oils can reach the skin and leave it soft, smooth and not only appeased, but happy! And since our products cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one easy step, all you need to do is use them in the shower (or bath) and towel off when you're done. No creams. No lotions, No prescriptions, so no side effects. 

So now you're thinking, "ok, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and I've been down this road before..."

We'll just let our customers do the talking for a minute here: read the actual experiences of our customers here.


"Thank you for an amazing solution to this curse I've always felt i have had. Simple Sugars is a life saver!"


As for which product you should try for psoriasis (this is actually the #1 question we answer in customer service), it's easy, you can pick any of our products WITH EMU OIL. So now you're thinking..."What?! I can use something that smells like coconut (or strawberry, or almond) and it will help my skin?! No way! I HAVE to use an unscented product"

Nope. You can use something that smells and feels amazing AND get relief! No more boring thick unscented creams. This is 100% truth because our products are made to be especially safe for people with SUPER sensitive skin. (Read our backstory here).

It sounds simple, because it is simple: use Simple Sugars and love your skin! Just click the image below to purchase.

** DISCLAIMER: We want to emphasize that we are not making a claim nor implying a claim that our products are a cure for psoriasis. Our products have not been medically tested in any controlled double-blind trials and therefore we cannot and do not claim that they are a cure for a medical condition. We are however, sharing real and honest feedback from our customers that have found relief from the symptoms of their skin conditions through use of our products. Every person and every person's skin is different so individual results may vary,

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