Introducing Grape Body


Grape has been a scent that our beloved Production Manager, Kim has been begging us to make for years! We've always denied her impassioned pleas because, to be perfectly honest, the grape scent that Kim adores isn't exactly the scent of freshly picked grapes - it's more like the scent of a freshly unwrapped grape popsicle, or a lusciously juicy grape jolly rancher. To be quite honest, scents like this are not usually our thing. 

BUT, we finally caved because 1) Kim is awesome and 2) we were able to re-create that nostalgic grape scent that not only takes us back to the glorious 80's (grape kool-aid anyone?) but  still meets our high standards for being safe for sensitive skin. (I.E. no phthalates, alcohol or other nasty stuff that could be potentially irritating.)

It's also loaded with anti-oxidants, and will definitely leave you with the NO-LO soft smooth skin we're famous for. GO NO-LO and GO GRAPE!