"I will finally have a skin-saving arsenal"

For the last 3 winters, I have had pop-up eczema on my shins and ankles. Nothing super bad, but just annoying, itchy, and rough. This year, however, it seemed like my body was on a mission to ruin me. At first my forearms broke out with tiny red bumps and I thought it was a quick "chicken skin" break out that commonly happens… and then it got worse. 
I nearly broke down one day from the sheer misery and near-pain I was dealing with. I did more reading and I soaked in a coconut oil and sea salt bath for 3-4 days and rubbed every lotion and oil on my skin afterward – sure it helped, but I couldn't stop itching and my bath was now lined with oil that is now taking twice as long to clean.

So, one day my boyfriend and I were watching Shark Tank and we saw the episode with your product. After your self-testimonial about your eczema, I perked up and immediately I said (out loud), "Omg! Where was she a month ago!!!"

My boyfriend gives me a box for my birthday, He's super excited and tells me it will be a great gift for my comic con trip. I open it.

It's Simple Sugar's Almond Body w/ Emu oil. I shrieked with joy!
I crossed my fingers and hoped that this might be the thing to finally save me, my skin, and my sanity. I was a little skeptical but I was ready to use it with an open mind.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that you have saved my skin. I can (finally!) enjoy a shower, and using the almond with emu oil scrub, I feel refreshed, WAY less itchy, and my redness and irritation is nearly non-existent. Plus, I smell like a delicious cookie!  I cannot thank you enough for having figured out how to make this product – you are doing something AMAZING with your scrubs and I hope you know just how GRATEFUL I am that you have this on the market. After just ONE use, I already felt the difference. I am so happy I could cry. My eczema is finally under control and I'm not miserable anymore!
I will finally have a skin-saving arsenal to battle my seasonal war with eczema.