Guess what? Maple is back!! And it's sooooo goood!

If you've been missing Maple the wait is over!

What?! You say you haven't tried Maple, omg, why the heck not?!? It's unbelievably delectable, and no you won't walk around smelling like pancakes or waffles (although tbh we're at a total loss as to how that could possibly be any kind of problem...).

This is the time of year when Spring teases us and then leaves us hangin' and don't we all need a little help dealing with that? Well, Maple is just the thing! It actually, might just be THE most delicious scent of them all, and that is truly saying something. Of course, there's also an emu oil version if you want your NO-LO experience to be the best it can possibly be.

When you shower with this stuff not only are you going to be salivating from the maple amazingness but your skin is going to feel like the butter on top of those yummy looking pancakes!

Breakfast for dinner anyone? ;P