Random acts of smoothness: making Valentine's Day sweet for EVERYONE!

Valentine's Day is supposed to be the day for lovers. But hello? We think there's a way to make it special whether you're romantically involved or not. How, you ask? Well, with random acts of smoothness of course! 

Just think about it. For every star-crossed lover that's going to be enjoying marked-up champagne and over-priced roses while gazing into the eyes of their beloved we're betting there are at least four others that are rolling their eyes at the insipidity of it all.

So we're throwing down the gauntlet here. Let's start a movement to transform this so-called holiday into a day that brings joy to someone who's not expecting it!  Imagine getting a Scrubs-n-Kisses package from an anonymous giver in the mail on Valentine's Day. How cool would that be? Or better yet imagine being the giver of such joy. Even cooler.

Maybe it's your old roommate from college, or your bff who just is having a rough go lately, or your sister, or your daughter away at college, or someone you know that's been sick.Go ahead. Make their day.

Who says Valentine's Day has to be about lovers? Let's make it about kindness! The world could definitely use it. So spread the word people! Tweet it. Post it. Instagram it. Tell everyone you've ever met. Be the change you want to see in the world.

We'll start the movement. For the first 14 days of February, everyone that buys a Valentine's Sampler will be entered into a drawing to be eligible for a Random Act of Smoothness. We'll choose one per day.