Super Smooth Club FAQs

The Super Smooth Club is our exclusive customer loyalty program where our repeat customers can earn rewards and qualify for additional perks.

You become a member by placing orders on our website. You are automatically added to the club when you have reached $200 in purchases in a calendar year. Create an account on our website to track your purchases, see rewards, and view your super smooth club level.

There are 3 levels: Silver, Gold, and Pink, based on your total spend during the calendar year. Silver, the base level, requires a $200 total yearly spend, Gold requires a $500 total yearly spend, and Pink requires a $1000 yearly spend. Reward values and special perks increase as you continue to level up in the club.

Once in the club, rewards certificates are earned for each $100 spent on the website. Points are tabulated monthly and rewards are emailed and posted to your online account (for those who qualify) on the 1st of the month after each $100 is reached. For example, you spent $120 on May 26, your reward code would be emailed to you on June 1. Each customer also has a rolling bank, meaning in the example above, there would be $20 in the bank after the reward was sent on June 1, only leaving that customer with $80 left to reach the threshold for their next reward. Being in the club also instantly qualifies you for additional perks and gifts, depending on which level you are in.

Membership in the club is based on a yearly re-qualification. Once you qualify for a specific level in the club, you are locked in for the remainder of the current year and the rest of the following year. However, you must reach the threshold of that level in the following year to re-qualify at that level. If you don't, you could drop down a level (or two) within the club or not qualify for the club in the following year.

Rewards vary by level. Silver members get a 10% off reward for each $100 spent, Gold members get a $10 off reward for each $100 spent, and Pink members get $15 off for each $100 spent. The maximum reward value is $40 per month and each reward is good for one use. Rewards cannot be combined or used with any other promotion on the website.

Perks that each Super Smooth Club customer qualifies for are priority order processing (Super Smooth Club orders are the first orders shipped out of our HQ every day) and additional gifts with purchase for each order that change monthly (i.e. free product, free accessories, or different candies or treats). Once you move up in the club, the perks
get better! Gold members also qualify for a gift mailed to them once they move up from Silver to Gold and also a special Holiday gift. Pink members qualify for a premium gift when they move up from Gold to Pink, a special Holiday gift, and also a birthday gift

***if we have your birthday on file***

Rewards are emailed out and posted to your account (if you created one) on the first of the month after you reached $100 in your bank. Rewards are tabulated on a monthly basis (i.e. you spend $120 on May 26, your reward code would be sent and posted to your account on June 1, leaving the remaining $20 in your bank).

In order to receive your rewards via email, you must be subscribed to our email newsletter, The Smooth News. If you haven't signed up or have unsubscribed from that, your rewards will not be able to be delivered to your inbox. If you are still subscribed and aren't receiving your rewards, check your spam folder and add our email address,, to your email contacts to make sure all email communication gets sent to your inbox for easy finding.

If you have a subscription, you will not be able to apply your reward codes online when placing the original order or before each new order renews because you are also receiving a 5% off discount. Simply contact our customer service team at 1-888-819-8994 or AFTER your order renews with the order number so someone can refund your order with the value of your reward.

Just create an account with the email address you have used when purchasing in the past and all of your previous purchases will be added to your account.

If you have an account already, just log in on our website to see your Super Smooth Club info. If you don't have an account you simply need to create one on our website using the email address you use when placing your orders and all of your info will be there to view.

Once reward codes are created, they are valid for a 3 month period. Rewards can only be used once and if they are not used within that 3 month window, they will expire. When checking out on the website, there is a bar for "discount codes or gift cards" on the far right of the checkout page underneath all of the items in your cart. Enter the reward code in that bar, hit "Apply," and the discount will be applied. If you are ordering a subscription, you will need to contact our customer service team at 888-819-8994 or to help you redeem your reward.

Reward codes cannot be combined and cannot be used with any other promotion on the website.