"When I first used the Green Tea Facial Scrub with Emu Oil it was a heavenly experience"

Shark Tank introduced me to Lani and her company Simple Sugars. After watching that episode, I was so excited about this company that I researched more about it online and immediately placed my first order. When I first used the Green Tea Scrub with Emu Oil it was a heavenly experience and an answer to my prayers! It brought me relief and made my skin feel incredible. I used it every day for a month and it helped clear those rough patches as well as other skin issues. My sister who was also developing a couple psoriasis patches used it on her skin and within one day it had drastically improved! The past few years have been difficult in every way it seems like, but your sugar scrubs have brought my skin so much comfort and relief. Whenever people compliment me on my skin, I always tell them about Simple Sugars scrubs. These scrubs are the only skin products I use now and they are not only effective but also affordable. Thank you for creating these scrubs, without them I would still be suffering from psoriasis while sitting in an oatmeal bath.