"We honestly can't thank Simple Sugars enough!"



"Our 5-year-old son has been dealing with severe psoriasis/ eczema for the last 3 years. We have literally tried everything, like home remedies, changing his diet and the several different creams medically prescribed from his doctor. His skin condition would terribly affect his sleep and has even kept him out of school.

We saw your product on t.v. and both of us started crying because for some reason we felt right then that this could be it. This is what could save him. It was!! It truly was...in just a short amount of time we noticed a considerable difference, and before we knew it was nearly gone!!! We honestly can't thank Simple Sugars enough. His demeanor is different, he's a brand new boy! Thank you..

Sincerely two very happy parents and vibrant young boy!! 😁😁"

-Kathryn from San Jose, CA

Kathryn and Nick bought Vanilla Body with Emu Oil for their little guy but any of our body products with Emu Oil would have produced similar results.