Success Stories

"My skin looks great because of Simple Sugars"

April 24 2020

"It seemed to clear up the red blotches on my face by 75%"

October 27 2019

"My husband has had a rash on his legs for 4 years and this product has cleared it up"

October 23 2019

"Much better than any medical shampoo I have used"

October 07 2019

"It cleared up my eczema"

June 04 2019

"These products work at keeping my skin looking normal!"

September 21 2018

"No more leathery skin"

September 11 2018

"He said he noticed a difference immediately"

August 02 2018

"Simple Sugars is a life saver"

July 24 2018

"I was completely impressed by the Simple Sugars"

November 07 2017