"My search is over because I finally found the holy grail"

I cannot rave enough about how Simple Sugars, specifically the Green Tea with Tea Tree Tree Facial, has absolutely changed my life!! 

I'm a 30 yr old woman with cystic hormonal acne and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours (read: years!) searching for a solution to clear my skin, or at least a regimen to effectively treat my breakouts. Well, my search is over because I finally found the holy grail in July of this year after seeing the product on Shark Tank!! 

I've sampled a million different brands and the only concoction that has truly CLEARED, HEALED and makes my skin GLOW is what you use in the scrub! After I use the scrub every night, I dab just a smidge of the separated oil on my skin as a moisturizer and when I wake up, I look like and feel like a million bucks! Whatever suppliers you use have been a life saver for my sanity and my self esteem. I've never (ever) received compliments on my complexion before so when I do, you better believe I sing endless praises of my Simple Sugars!! 


- Kristen in Spring, TX.