"My hands no longer ache or look cracked!"

I just wanted to send out this little ‘hands’amonial about how outstanding your products are for me. I am an in-home care aide, for elderly dependents, and hand washing is an important part of my day to day job. Unfortunately, that leaves them wide open to becoming cracked and red from the repetition of that. It has at times been to the extreme of both painful, cracked and swollen. I try MANY well known brands of lotions, which in turn, put like a temporary ‘mask’ over the dryness, only for it to return when my hands hit the cold outside air or water. I figured "lets give it a go’’ a few weeks back seeing your product advertised.
Got Strawberry w/ Emu oil and also tried the Lemonade body I had some left from Summer. I gotta let it be known- TOTAL difference!! My hands no longer ache or look cracked!! I take a little container of the products to work- wash with antibacterial and the product, and my hands are silky soft. Clients comment on the difference when I am holding their hand to assist walking or moving them. For any doubters out there who may think "could it really be that simple as to natural ingredients and some water?" Yup-sure can!! Nurses, aides, nursing home facility workers- this stuff works!!!! No need to have pain and suffering on top of a demanding job! Give any of the Simple Sugars products a try💕!  Your cracked hands will thank you!!!

-Jenny in PA