"It was the best thing that happened for my skin"

The retailer I was working for carried Simple Sugars and the first time I had tried it, I was COMPLETELY blown away. The exfoliating sugars and the smooth after feeling. It was nothing like I had experienced before. Then my superior started to tell me all about the brand and what it was made for and I fell in love even more. It was made for sensitive skin! Eczema and psoriasis even. It was like a gift sent down from heaven for me. As a young girl I struggled immensely with eczema. All over my arms and legs. Everything irritated my skin, nothing worked. After several doctor trips and multiple oatmeal baths. Eczema cleared as I got older but my skin, still highly sensitive. Body products were a struggle to find. Once I found simple sugars and used them daily, it was like the best thing that happened for my skin. Zero irritation and left my skin feeling beyond smooth. I was even lucky enough to meet the wonderful Lani and her mother a few times! They are amazing and humble people that truly brought an incredible product into this world. Thank you simple sugars for changing my life for the better!