"It has definitely boosted my daughter's self esteem and helped her acne a lot."

"My daughter is 10 years old, she doesn’t suffer from dry skin but she does have a lot of acne on her face, I didn’t know what product to try as I didn’t want to use harmful product on her skin, I was trying to find a natural products for the reason my daughter feels very insecure from her acne and has a tendency to hide her face a lot and doesn’t like wearing headbands, I bought this Strawberry Facial and I’m just SO IN LOVE with the product, we started this product on a Tuesday by Sunday my daughter acne has improved drastically, 2 weeks later my daughter gained her confidence and is now wearing headbands! I'm so beyond happy with this product, it has definitely boosted my daughter's self esteem and helped her acne a lot. My daughter loves this product!" - Jess