"It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and smells amazing"

I have had eczema somewhere on my body since I was a newborn. At six weeks old I was going to the dermatologist. As a child I suffered with it on my heels and around
my ankles. As a teen, it was my face and hands. It was horrible. I was prescribed a steroid cream that the pharmacy would compound for me. It healed my face, but after years of using it, my skin has thinned so much there. Now I have random spots that pop up on my hands or feet, but using the simple sugars scrubs has made a huge difference! I LOVE the Strawberry
facial scrub with emu oil. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and smells amazing. My skin is soft and looks great now. I love that the ingredients are simple and that they work! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for an amazing product that helps me be confident in my skin!!


-Elizabeth in TN