"I use it twice a day and my face has NEVER looked better"

I would like to write a review on how this product has effected my Dermatographism. Also referred to as Dermatographic Urticaria. This is a rare condition that only affects about 5% of the population. 

Dermatographism is quite an annoying but fascinating condition where the body produces too much histamine when anything that causes friction comes into contact with the skin. The result is raised red welts that become itchy in that area. If you scratch too long then they become more inflamed, itchier, scabs and the situation is just a revolving circle that never seems to want to heal. Since anything that causes friction on the skin can make you react... you are basically allergic to life. I discovered I had this when I was 19 and 10 years later I am still trying to find relief. There is no cure for this condition; only management of symptoms. After seeing an episode of Shark tank with this product; I was very excited to try this because, hey what could it hurt? Since dry skin exasperates my condition; if smooth hydrated skin is something Simple Sugars could provide then it should definitely work... right? 

Well it completely worked! After 4 days of using your products I already have noticed improvement in my symptoms. My heat rash scabbed itchy patches that would never heal due to my bodies over release of histamine and incessant itching was finally subdued and relieved because of how the Simple Sugars moisturizes the skin. My skin is soft, smooth and far less reactive. Almost like there is a protective barrier on my skin made of silk! It truly is amazing. I plan on being a loyal customer and look forward to smelling all the scents! They are definitely a day at the spa with every use! 

The facial product is by far the most pleasantly surprising product. I was worried it would be too harsh on my skin and cause red splotchy patches from my Dermatographism, but it did just the opposite. I use it twice a day and my face has NEVER looked better. Thank you for existing Simple Sugars!