"I keep reordering because of the great results"

Since a young age i have dealt with eczema caused by my allergy to citric acid in fruits. Most fruits cause an allergic reaction on the inside of my elbow. After trying lots of creams prescribed by doctors, i found Simple Sugars. The results were much quicker and it is all natural.  Your scrubs have been the only successful product to greatly cure my eczema. I like using natural products rather than a chemical cream.

I have been a recurring customer for a little over 2 years. When my dad told me about your company i have to admit, i was skeptical. After the first jar i keep reordering because of the great results. Your product has helped me so much. Not only do your wonderful sugar scrubs make my itchy eczema go away, but leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Thank  you for creating these amazing scrubs!

- Deanna