"I even feel that the flakes on my psoriasis don't look so bad after just one use"

I've had psoriasis since I was in elementary school. My mom and I got it both within a year of each other. Of course being in elementary school kids didn't know enough about psoriasis and so I either got teased for it or got really weird stares. At one point I wore medical gauze patches so I could feel comfortable wearing a skirt to school but the looks I got were so horrible I refused to wear anything except jeans for years. I couldn't go to nail salons without people wearing gloves and masks when they didn't do that to my friend. Teachers called me out at school because they thought it was burns or a disease. My self esteem suffered between my psoriasis and being heavier set. I've tried topical ointments that left me feeling so oily id give up on it quickly. I did UV light therapy treatments but the pills would make me so sick. So for years I just let it be. Lately my psoriasis has flared up so bad. It's all over my body and hands, in places it's never been before. My grandpa reminded me of Simple Sugars and I decided to try it.

Today is day one but I'm already in love! It smells so good and is so soft. I honestly didn't expect my skin to feel so soft and I was so afraid it'd be too rough on my psoriasis but it is perfect. Even if I don't see a drastic improvement with my psoriasis I think I'll continue to be a customer because of how much I love the scents and how it makes me feel. For the first time in a long time I feel truly pampered and relaxed and I even feel that the flakes on my psoriasis don't look so bad after just one use. Thank you Simple Sugars!