"You could not only feel the difference but SEE the difference"

I've had sensitive skin all my life and have wasted so much money on products only to use them once because they gave me a painful rash or the fake, chemical scent gave me a migraine. I even have a large, ugly scar on my leg from a chemical burn from using a product, that's how sensitive my skin is.
I purchased your rose body scrub and couldn't believe how good it smelled the moment I put opened the container. It smelled, fresh and natural, not chemically fake. I only used a small amount to start with on my hand (learned to start small after that huge chemical burn) and you could not only feel the difference but SEE the difference between the spot on my hand versus the skin around it. It immediately looked and felt smoother and healthier. I've since used it at least 3-4 times a week since I received your product and I honestly could just cry. It's so nice to have something that works and doesn't hurt me. Not only does it work but it makes me feel sexy and decedent when I get out of the shower.
Beth in OR