"The beginning of the end to a battle I've been fighting for 16 years almost nonstop"

I found your product for the first time since seeing it on Shark Tank; an opportunity I'd been waiting for had come along at last! When I walked into the store in Nashville, IN, I quickly passed all of the competitor's products and went straight for the display filled with Simple Sugars. The owner of the shop came to tell me about the product and I ended up trying it out, of course! I immediately fell in love when after rinsing my hands, softer, more supple, skin was exposed. This was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for.

I left with four types: Pumpkin and Almond for my body, Cucumber and Avocado for my face. They are all wonderful and not for a second will I deny that they provide all of the benefits you've already enlightened us with. These are fantastic! Softer, smoother skin has presented itself everywhere on my body, my skin feels fantastic; especially my legs. As far as the facial scrubs: my pores are smaller on my face, some old scaring is almost gone, and my skin tone is evening out. What I wasn't expecting however, was for it to clear up my Shingles. I don't know how and I don't know why, but this has been the beginning of the end to a battle I've been fighting for 16 years almost nonstop. I've taken medications, gotten creams, gels, ointments, the works. You name it, I've tried it out of desperation.
Your product though: four days into your scrubs I started noticing my patches becoming dormant, and just a few more days until they were completely "done" and unnoticeable.

I'm so thankful, you have no idea and I could never repay you. I will however, be a life time customer!

Thank you for being such a wonderful entrepreneur and showing the world that you truly can do anything!


Plainfield, Indiana