"It was honestly like magic"

“I have suffered since birth from severe eczema. Eczema ruined my life up until I found Simple Sugars! I would hide away in full length trousers and sleeves in hot humid weather because of the way my skin looked. I have it in every place of my body, from my face to my legs. When I got married last year my husband couldn’t bear to see the pain I was going through and started doing some research. As an experiment he bought me 2 scrubs and a facial scrub all with emu oil. After 2 weeks of daily showers and daily use of the scrubs my skin transformed. It was honestly like magic. My skin was glowing, my scabs had disappeared and I almost wasn’t itching at all. The scares will never go away, but even so the transformation these scrubs have had on me made me sit and cry for days, out of relief. I want to thank the person who invented this, who changed my life, and let me live a life I had not been able to do for the last 23 years. Thank you so much Simple Sugars!”