"His beautiful facial skin returned"

I am amazed at the difference I have seen in my teenage son's skin since he started using the green tea facial scrub. His acne was extremely flared and store brand acne cleansing pads were not working on his skin. His skin was dried out by the product. His acne remained flared and the doctor put him on acne medication. I was not comfortable reading that the medication causes sensitivity to the sun and that skin cancer was a possibility. My son spends a lot of time in the sun and I could not rely on my teen applying sunscreen regularly. I saw Shark Tank and gave the product a try. I had him stop the medication and had him use the green tea scrub daily. His beautiful facial skin returned. He commented the very first day that he liked the way it made his skin feel. He felt moisture instead of rough dryness. His acne cleared and we are amazed by the product.