"I will definitely continue to buy your products"

I have used your product for about two months now for my 2 year old son.  He has extremely sensitive skin and eczema.  We discovered it when he was about 3 months old because of food allergies.  He would develop a rash and was itchy all the time.  I had to keep his hands covered with socks!  Even though I took him to an allergist and discovered what foods to stay away from (dairy, eggs, and peanuts), his skin was still super dry and he constantly scratched.  The allergist and doctor and anyone else who wanted to offer their opinion, told me all different creams, lotions, etc, to try.  The creams and lotions are awful for him.  I've tried at least 10 different ones for eczema, babies, sensitive skin, everything.  They burn his skin and make the rash worse.  The only thing that he could even tolerate being put on him was an oil based product.  Even with basic coconut oil though, his skin was still very dry.  My mother-in-law saw your product on Shark Tank and bought some with the emu oil for him to try.  It is the first time in his two and a half years that his skin feels baby smooth like it should!!  I will definitely continue to buy your products and will put his order in on autoship so I can make sure he always has it! Thank you so much!

Laura in PA