Why you can and should use your Simple Sugars facial every single day

When we say we're revolutionizing skin care for sensitive skin, we're not kidding. Even people with the most sensitive skin can and should use our gentle cleansing, exfoliating, facial moisturizers every morning and night. Here's why it makes sense in the simplest of terms:

The skin you show the world is made up of dead skin cells. Unless you're a newborn, and we're assuming that if you're reading this it's a pretty safe bet that you're not, you're not turning your skin cells over on a daily basis. That means those dead skin cells hang around longer than they should causing your complexion to look dull and dry and even clogging pores which results in acne! The older you are the longer it takes to turn over your skin cells. This is why a GENTLE daily exfoliation makes complete and perfect sense. So why have other skincare companies and even doctors routinely said that exfoliation should be a once or twice a week thing? Because most exfoliation methods are too harsh! Simple Sugars are the gentlest way to exfoliate your skin which makes a daily Simple Sugars routine not just a safe thing, but a really, really good thing even for the most sensitive skin.

And are we telling those of you with the most sensitive and dry skin that if you adopt a twice a day Simple Sugars facial routine you won't even need additional moisturizer?? Yes. Yes, that's precisely what we're saying! You can Go NO-LO! So it's not crazy talk at all. In fact, it makes perfect sense. Crazy would be using a harsh cleanser (if it foams at all, it's too harsh - that's a sulfate making that lather...) to strip the ""oil"" from your face (your body makes the oil - it's actually called sebum - to keep your skin from drying out and it's a good thing), then using a ""toner"" which is supposed to do something (no one really knows what) to counterbalance the effects of the cleanser, and then use a moisturizer to replace the oils that you just stripped with the cleanser and the toner... yeah, that sounds a little crazy, right? Great skincare really doesn't have to be complicated! As in many cases, simpler is better. Simple Sugars is really all you need.