Why not just get your Mother's Day shopping done right now?

Now more than ever, moms deserve ALL the love.

Being a mom has always been one of the hardest and most taken-for-granted "jobs" there is. But now? Now we are all acutely aware that there are a lot of other serious contenders for that dubious honor. Add nurses, doctors, first-responders, teachers, grocery store workers and all of the other essential workers out there doing jobs that have suddenly given hard work a whole new meaning. 

Now, what if your mom falls into both categories? Is there even a gift worthy of her? The short answer is: No, there is not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't shown her as much love as possible to remind her that she is so, so special and appreciated!

Whether your mom is on the frontlines or not, all of the moms out there cooking, and home-schooling and entertaining and comforting their kids through what seems like endless days of quarantine while trying hard to maintain some semblance of sanity, with or without the help of wine (we're certainly not judging), are super heroes. 

All moms deserve nothing less than the sun, moon and stars, but last time we checked you can't order those and get them delivered, so this is the next best thing. Our Mother's Day Sampler will make your mom feel good and happy and special! Not to mention smooth. 

P.S. If you're a mom with young children you should absolutely feel ZERO guilt about ordering this for yourself and taking a whole day to pamper yourself and enjoy the heck out of every minute of it! 

Stay safe out there and