When the weather changes, so does your skin! Time to switch things up.

Colder weather means drier skin!

No matter where you live (unless it's in the southern hemisphere) chances are pretty darn good that the weather gets colder in the wintertime.

Colder weather usually comes with low humidity which dries out your skin.  In fact, many of the things we do to keep warm in the winter like turning up the heat, taking a hot shower and sitting by a toasty fire cause your skin to dry out. 

You can still have soft smooth skin and stay NO-LO when the weather gets colder, you just might have to adjust your skincare routine and up your moisture game a bit. 

Say, for example, you're a Strawberry Facial girl, you might want to consider switching to Green Tea Facial with Emu Oil for the winter months or if you typically use Green Tea with Emu maybe you want to boost your moisturization game by switching to Avocado with Emu (our most moisturizing facial).

P.S. If you're not using our emu oil formulations, by all means, consider doing it for the winter months for your body and your face. You won't be sorry!

**be sure to select the "with Emu Oil" option in the drop down of the product page if you want to add this awesome ingredient!