We're grateful for the Earth!

Show your gratitude to Mother Earth by doing just one thing today.

We're so grateful to the Earth for providing all the awesome fruits, veggies and herbs that we use to make our products amazing! 

We want to show that gratitude by trying to live a little greener, but sometimes it can be complicated and overwhelming. And when things get complicated we give up.

So in honor of Earth Day today, we'd like to suggest that we all just focus on doing one thing to show gratitude to the Earth. Because if we all do just one thing, well those are going to add up aren't they!  

Take a walk and pick up any trash you see. Pay attention to how often you leave the water running while you're brushing your teeth this week. Put the reusable grocery bags in the trunk so they'll be there the next time you shop. Fix it instead of trashing it.

But just pick one. Then maybe, next week pick another one. Small changes make a difference.