Vitamin C Facial or Blue Spirulina with Coconut Facial?

We don't like to brag (ok, sometimes we do :) but our two newest facials are AH-MAZING! Our facial line-up was already packed with winners and now we go and add these two and darn, it's getting tough to choose.

So since we like to keep things simple, we thought we'd give you some guidance.

If you're concerned about preventing the signs of aging, then you want a facial that's loaded with high-powered antioxidants so that would be, um, well that would be both of these.

Ok, so then maybe you want a facial that leaves you with amazingly soft smooth skin that glows so you don't even need any additional moisturizer. Hmmm, well, no that's not helpful either because they BOTH do that!

Alright then, you definitely want a facial that smells incredible. Oh, dang it! BOTH of these facials smell amazing! :/

Well, then it might just come down to color: orange or blue? You know what orange and blue are right? Complementary colors!

It seems clear that there's only one choice in this case and that is not to choose at all! 

Vitamin C Facial and Blue Spirulina with Coconut Facial. You need to try both :)