Think sugar is bad for you? Think again!

Sugar: For External Use Only

Sugar gets a bad rap for being bad for you.
While it's true that consuming too much sugar can cause myriad problems from weight gain to diabetes, increased risk of cancer and, yes, even negative effects on the skin- such as a higher risk for developing acne and accelerated skin aging, sugar has an impressive list of benefits when used externally, especially for sensitive skin. 
Let's break that list down, shall we?
1) Sugar is highly soluble and dissolves fairly rapidly making it ideal for the gentle exfoliation of sensitive skin. It's impossible to "over-exfoliate" since the sugar simply dissolves away.
2) Sugar has a rounded crystal with smooth edges (unlike salt, which has a cubic shaped crystal with jagged edges) so it's gentle on the skin.
3) Sugar is a natural humectant. Its molecules are hygroscopic, meaning they attract water. When applied to the skin, sugar draws moisture from the environment into the skin, helping to keep it hydrated.
4) Sugar is non-irritating, unlike chemical humectants,  making it especially suitable for sensitive skin types.
To live a healthy lifestyle and have the best possible skin, definitely limit the sugar you put IN your body, but embrace putting sugar ON your body (and your face, for that matter!).
Stay Smooth! 💗