There's a lot to love about Fall

Fall Trees

There are lots of great things about Fall! 🍁

The dry skin that comes with it is not one of them.

Ah, fall—pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and, unfortunately, dry, itchy skin. Before you resort to boring, unscented, heavy-duty lotions or steroid creams, consider a natural alternative that's actually a joy to use: Simple Sugars Skincare.

Why should Simple Sugars be your dry skin go-to? Because our products are designed with sensitive skin in mind. We tackle the tough stuff—like eczema and psoriasis and super dry skin—using only natural ingredients. No chemicals, no artificial nonsense, just pure skin-loving goodness! 

When it comes to great skin, consistency matters. Keep Simple Sugars in your daily routine, and you're on track for NO-LO (No Lotion) soft and smooth skin, all year round.

So, sip that hot cocoa around the bonfire with abandon because with Simple Sugars, you can embrace fall without compromising your skin.

Try our luscious Fall Scents and love EVERYTHING about Fall, especially your skin! 💕