The Simple Sugars Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are coming faster than a locomotive and we want to make everyone's holiday gift giving as simple as possible this year! 

Simple Sugars is the perfect gift for just about every single person on your list. We know we're totally biased here, but we're assuming that all of your potential giftees have skin (and some probably even have really sensitive skin) and who amongst them wouldn't appreciate an awesome gift of delectable smelling all-natural smoothness that's going to make them feel amazing long after the shine of the tinsel on the tree has faded? Trust us. Everyone loves a gift from Simple Sugars! 

We're going to break down holiday gift giving the Simple Sugars way: 



This is for someone you definitely want to impress! It has all the NO-LO smoothness we're famous for in a big beautiful basket! 
What's awesome about it: You can choose which scrubs you want in your basket and it makes for a really impressive gift. 
Who it's perfect for: Your new client, your loyal and valued customers, your girlfriend, your boss (if she's awesome), your mom, your sister(s). 
The perfect little something that's seriously ideal for anyone on your list! 
What's awesome about it: They feature some of our most popular scrubs (your choice of holiday or best sellers), and omg they are so adorable! Also a great price point for someone who you just don't know what to buy for! 
Who it's perfect for: teachers, babysitters and petsitters, your daughter's friend, yoga instructors/personal trainers, roommates, coworkers, hostesses (keep them on hand for any last minute holiday party invites!). 



The ultimate smoothness package to make anyone's holiday.

What's awesome about it: contains everything she needs to get smooth from head to toe (facial, body and foot). It's just like a day at the spa, but you don't have to leave the house, which is particularly key in cold and snowy climates. 

Who it's perfect for: your girlfriend, your daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, your BFF, your SUPER awesome boss or your SUPER awesome administrative assistant.



A sampling of all the best scents that Simple Sugars has to offer in an impressive package.

What's awesome about it: it has 13 little "baby" scrubs in the most awesome collection of scents so you can try them all, it comes impressively packaged, and it makes a great introduction to the smooth and wonderful world of Simple Sugars! :)
Who is it perfect for: Your girlfriend, your wife, your daughter, your mom. 



What's awesome about it: It's like The Simple Sugars Collection on steroids - except no dangerous side effects. All the best-sellers in the 5oz size.
Who it's perfect for: Anyone "obsessed" with Simple Sugars



What's awesome about it: Smoothness To Go includes a 2oz Facial Scrub, 2 2oz Body Scrubs, and a 2oz Happy Feet Peppermint Foot Scrub. Small enough to carry on and yes, it will fit in a quart size Ziploc bag!

The Deluxe Travel Set includes one 5oz Facial Scrub and two 5oz Body Scrubs, packaged in a handy and reusable zippered travel pouch. Everything a jet-setting Simple Sugars lover needs!

Who it's perfect for: your out of town guests and relatives



The Simple Sugars Holiday Collection really is the perfect gift for those that are super challenging to buy for because they "have everything". They don't have this AND it's going to be their favorite thing ever!

What's awesome about it: It includes five of the amazing Holiday Scents (Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Cranberry, Sugar and Spice, and Candy Cane) in the 5oz size in an adorbs package that's all ready for gifting.

Who is this perfect for: aunts, best friends, very special employees 



Everything he needs to get the best looking and feeling skin with minimal effort. As easy as soap and/or water but with benefits!

What's awesome about it: It's the best gift he'll get that he didn't even know he wanted and/or needed! It's ESPECIALLY MADE FOR THOSE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN, but obvi great for anyone's skin, and there's a version with emu oil for the guys with eczema or psoriasis.

Who it's perfect for: Your son(s), your husband/boyfriend/fiance, your brother(s), your nephew, your dad (if he's cool), your male trainer or massage therapist, any guy in your life who could use a little help in the Smoothness department!