The question we get asked the most: what's best for eczema?

If you discovered us by watching our episode on Shark Tank, then you know that Simple Sugars began as a solution to our CEO's lifetime struggle with eczema. She hasn't had a flare-up since creating the products we sell today. After that episode aired we were literally inundated with inquiries from people all over the world struggling to find relief from this frustrating and chronic condition and now, 6 years later, the number one question we still get is "which product is best for eczema?"

The short answer is any of the products with Emu Oil are best for eczema. There are a few other factors to consider when choosing a product for eczema however:

  • This one is kind of common sense, but if the eczema is on the face choose a facial product, and if it's anywhere else choose a body product.
  • Choose any scent that appeals to you because they will all have the same effect. (Facial products should be chosen by skin type which is explained on the product page of each) 
  • For babies under 6 months of age, we recommend our Avocado Facial (no matter where the eczema is) because it's the gentlest and most emollient formulation of all. Babies over 6 months and kids can use any of the products safely.
  • None of our products contain phthalates or alcohols so all of the scents are super safe even for very sensitive skin. That's right! You can use these amazing smelling products to help your eczema! You're no longer stuck with boring, unscented lotions and creams.
  • Consistent use is key, so you should use every day or every time you shower or bathe to keep eczema symptoms under control and to stay NO-LO*

*NO LOtion necessary!

Eczema is troublesome for so many and our all-natural solution has provided relief to many people that have been struggling for years.