So you saw us on Shark Tank, huh?

Get ready to change your life and GO NO-LO!

Here are 6 important things you should know now that your life is about to get smoother:

  1. NO-LO stands for NO LOtion. Since our products cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one easy step, you can say good-bye to your dry skin AND your lotion!
  2. Our all-natural products have helped thousands of people with their eczema and psoriasis symptoms and they're formulated to be safe for people with really sensitive skin. But you don't need to have a skin condition to enjoy the awesome skin our products will give you. 
  3. No, you don't need to use soap. Remember, our products cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one easy step.
  4. Yes, you should use your Simple Sugars daily (in the case of facials) or whenever you shower or bathe (in the case of the body products).
  5. Stirring thoroughly before each use is really important to make sure you get the same awesome experience from first use to the last.
  6. We have a great loyalty program called The Super Smooth Club and you'll automatically become a member when you spend $200 (in a calendar year). You'll get special perks like gifts with your purchases, priority customer service and order fulfillment and earn discounts. 

We're really looking forward to keeping you smooth!